Flower Cosmetics

When I heard that Drew Berrymore was about to launch her own cosmetic line, I couldn’t help but get annoyed. Everyone uses their celebrity these days to promote some kind of perfume or clothing line that they had little or nothing to do with the concept and creation of it. But as I was cruising through the isles of Walmart in search of a couple of makeup items, I came across her line. And I have to say that even though I am not a makeup fanatic, her line’s attention to detail, color pallet and simplicity really stands out. I grabbed a couple of items, one of them being this nail polish called “Eye Of The Tigger Lilly” which has a very vintage 70’s vibe. I liked it a lot! (I apologize for the fact that I took the picture before cleaning the smudges;) but there you have it. This color seems to be sold out online, since the line is new I wonder if they will restock.



Happy Birthday, Dr. Seuss!

So it was time to step up again and make another themed lunch. This time, it was Dr. Seuss! It is his birthday week and my preschooler and pre-k babies are talking about him and his wonderful work at school. So we went all out: we read all of his books that we currently own, this morning we had our red and stripes on, and then there was this lunch. Very simple, but they got a kick out of it!

What we have here is some left over chicken finger as the “roast beast”,
A cream cheese and strawberry jelly sandwich in the shape of a [flower?],
Some gold fish,
A strawberry and marshmallow “hat” with a shuffula tree holding it together,
Some red and white M&Ms and as a bonus a few sticks of pockys and some extra green M&Ms.
And some notes. Cuz you gotta send a note.