Fairy Garden

When my good friend said she was throwing a Fairy party for her daughter who’s turning 6, I knew exactly what I wanted to give her: a Fairy Garden.
I got the idea from Pinterest where there are pictures of very elaborate fairy gardens with tiny houses and clothes hanging from a clothesline, basically a garden within a garden!
I knew I wanted to give one to my daughter this Spring. I specially liked this one from Playful Learning
And decided that would be a good start and we could add to it slowly.
Here’s the one we got for our lil friend, soon to be 6 year old:




We got her a cute little annual Alyssum, a pot of perennial Moss, some river rocks, and some trinkets: a aluminum box with double windows that can be used as a house, a few small little bells, a little button jar, a few small clothes pins with flowers and birds on them, a small butterfly shaped “pool” and tiny little terracota flower pots.
She can add to it as time goes by, get a proper house if she so choses, and so on. I asked her mom beforehand if that was okay with her and if she had a small area in her yard for the garden to be planted.
Or she could do as some of the ones I had seen, like this one where you can keep it in a big flower pot.
All you need is to get creative and let the girls have fun with it!
I’m excited to put one together for my five year old next!



Who knew!!
I went to shop rite the other day and found this gem. It really made me smile for some reason!

And I think that the reason was that it is so fitting that he pursued something like this! Then after a quick research, I found that he has a couple of products in his Ziggy Marley Organics line! Hemp seed being the most interesting one to me. He’s a Marley after all!