Valentine’s Lunch

So today a couple of great things happened. First, it was Valentine’s day and as much as I don’t personally celebrate it, I certainly make it very special for my children. We started with our Valentine’s goody bags and home made cards. And then I was off to make them a Valentine’s inspired school lunch. I have been all over Pinterest getting ideas and here’s something easy I came up with.
Oh, the second good thing that happened today was that we have received our PlanetBox bentos today. We can hardly wait to use them!

For my daughter I sent some salad with half a hard boiled egg, and a cream cheese and jelly sushi sandwich (which did not come out as neat as it should have because I didn’t flattened the bread enough. My mistake!) some strawberries and as treats, a couple conversation hearts, Hershey’s kisses and some strawberry pockys.
Apple juice to wash it down, and a home made photo style Valentines with a picture of the 2 of us.
Yup. It was a great day.


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