Happy Birthday, Dr. Seuss!

So it was time to step up again and make another themed lunch. This time, it was Dr. Seuss! It is his birthday week and my preschooler and pre-k babies are talking about him and his wonderful work at school. So we went all out: we read all of his books that we currently own, this morning we had our red and stripes on, and then there was this lunch. Very simple, but they got a kick out of it!

What we have here is some left over chicken finger as the “roast beast”,
A cream cheese and strawberry jelly sandwich in the shape of a [flower?],
Some gold fish,
A strawberry and marshmallow “hat” with a shuffula tree holding it together,
Some red and white M&Ms and as a bonus a few sticks of pockys and some extra green M&Ms.
And some notes. Cuz you gotta send a note.


Valentine’s Lunch

So today a couple of great things happened. First, it was Valentine’s day and as much as I don’t personally celebrate it, I certainly make it very special for my children. We started with our Valentine’s goody bags and home made cards. And then I was off to make them a Valentine’s inspired school lunch. I have been all over Pinterest getting ideas and here’s something easy I came up with.
Oh, the second good thing that happened today was that we have received our PlanetBox bentos today. We can hardly wait to use them!

For my daughter I sent some salad with half a hard boiled egg, and a cream cheese and jelly sushi sandwich (which did not come out as neat as it should have because I didn’t flattened the bread enough. My mistake!) some strawberries and as treats, a couple conversation hearts, Hershey’s kisses and some strawberry pockys.
Apple juice to wash it down, and a home made photo style Valentines with a picture of the 2 of us.
Yup. It was a great day.