5th Birthday [Tea] Party!


This should be a very nice first entry. I have had blogs before, but never the perseverance to keep it going.. I am hoping to do a little better with this one.

My daughter was turning 5, and she had never had a party. Well, not really. Her birthday is in the beginning of January, therefore too cold to have the cute bbq parties we have for our son whose birthday is in June. We had done Build a Bear the year before, and didn’t want to spend all of this money that indoor places seem to be asking lately. So when she asked for a real party during this awesome super-hero birthday party we threw her brother last summer,  I knew it was time to do the unthinkable: have a party INSIDE my house! So I had an idea. I could limit the guests by only having her closest girlfriends over (she is a social butterfly, if I had invited every kid she knows…). That would also help me with the cost. So, tea party came as a natural decision!

I tried to keep it to a low cost, but I also wanted it to look fancy and to be very special. So I took to Pinterest a month in advance for ideas and inspiration. What I came up with is a mixture of all the cute ideas I had seen, plus some of my own, and I have to say it came together perfectly. For my family and budget anyway. Here is the result.

ImageAbove, I used my Word pre-made tags and created place tags for sitting.


Tea time was at 2:00pm so guests had already had lunch. So I kept it snack-like, with a variety of cookies.


I had to join my two tables together to fit all the guests. I hung several tissue paper flowers that I had made for the occasion.


I got this cattle sandwich cutter from amazon, and made some PBJs.


I bought inexpansive glass jars from the dollar store, and filled them with chocolate covered pretzels, M&Ms and strawberry Pocky. The Hershey’s Kisses are raspberry flavored.


The cupcakes were baked by my husband, and we used “pearl” sprinkles.


The favor bag had a picture of my daughter with the respective guest. The favors were a “pearl” necklace and a “diamond” ring that were sitting around and on top of the their tea cups, a hat that I placed on their seats, and in the bags there was a small box of princess tissue paper (dollar store find), a glitter covered pencil, glitter glue, a french inspired mini note pad, and a “tea” bag filled with some more Hershey’s kisses.


The strawberry milk bottles were originally bottles of Star Bucks Frapuccino drinks. I found some vintage paper straws at Target, and used the same Word pre-made labels to make some for the bottles.

(yes, that is a broccoli that my daughter had on the table. I had a veggie platter for the moms and while the other guests were eating M&Ms, she was busy eating broccoli)



The craft was a decorate your own plastic spoon, or color your flower/butterfly. Which they then attached to the spoon. They also did some Just Dance 4, and all 6 girls were getting down!


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